Love posts written 2023 rigid to copy, written for the lover and the crush

Love posts written rigid for copying, romantic posts written

Written love posts for Facebook, you are welcome to our followers everywhere, today we offer you a group of wonderful love posts ready to be copied directly and placed on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. These posts are suitable as a status, as well as a small, non and small publication on Facebook / Facebook. With the approaching date of Valentine’s Day in the month of February every year. The lovers sit and discuss the years of love that passed by them, and they need pictures or posters with the sweetest words of love written on them.

Solid love posts for copies to be published through their personal profile on Facebook and Twitter. We here on our humble site will make it easier for you and put these posts for you to take and publish with ease and ease and without the trouble of thinking and writing. These posts are suitable for a range of situations that you go through in your emotional and romantic life.

His love posts and other publications are ready to be published directly on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others, and WhatsApp and Messenger cases. The posts of love, adoration and romance are characterized by the gentleness and sweetness of the sentences of love and infatuation, and are translated through the beautiful arrangement of them and the writings on the images that send the hearts of lovers ecstasy and love. And feel the thinnest and the most wonderful sensations and feelings.

love posts
Love posts, how can I tell you about the smile of my heart when I hear your voice

written love posts
Written love posts, the most beautiful pictures of love posts

Love Posts 2023:

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than a heart you trust that you will always live in.
  2. Oxygen is your voice; My soul is you.
  3. Every time I see you I fall in love all over again
  4. I love to spend all the moments of my life with you, but the concerns of life prevent me from spending time with you, at the same time you are in my imagination and on my mind.
  5. I feel like I own the universe when you’re by my side.
  6. I want to be the reason for your laughter; Because you already bring joy to my heart.
  7. Sometimes my eyes are jealous of my heart, because you are always close to my heart, even if you are far from my eyes.
  8. Since I’ve seen you, I’ve found that there’s no one in the world worth thinking about but you.
  9. You are like flowers of all kinds and fragrant scents.
  10. Let me tell you a secret: I don’t miss you, I’m starting to lose my mind because I’m so much hallucinating about you.
  11. In people you talk to for a minute, you remain happy all day.
  12. Do you know who you are?! You are my heaven on earth, you are my grace, you are the soul without which I cannot live.
  13. Between my ribs: a heart that beats with your love, feels you, needs you the size of the sky and more.
  14. Love comes without reckoning. It does not bring money, it does not take beauty, and it is not measured by age.. It is destiny.
  15. I know my day without you, I don’t have any taste.
  16. And if I’m going to talk about the bliss of life, I’ll start with you.
  17. I love talking to you, even if I don’t have anything to say.
  18. My eyes are open, but I love her.
  19. Sorry men of the earth / better luck, you are not like him.
  20. No matter how many types of happiness are, you will remain the most beautiful
  21. My oxygen is your voice; My soul is you.
  22. Let me tell you a secret: I don’t miss you, I’m starting to lose my mind because I’m so hallucinating about you.
  23. Your tiny little details like your smile, for example, bring me happiness that can cheer up all my coming days.
  24. A look from your beautiful eyes is more precious to me than the world and everything in it
  25. Since my first day with you, I am sure that I held the hand of the right man, the man who deserves me and deserves him
  26. In the smile of your lips, I see happiness
  27. You are not a woman, you are women, and sometimes all human beings
  28. I will be by your side forever, you are my destiny and I am your destiny.
  29. I see you in everything, in the sky, in the rain, in the lights and in the lights of cars.
  30. As if life is near you
  31. Having one person who cares about you gives you a logical reason to smile
  32. How can I hide the eagerness of my features when I mention your name?
  33. If he is absent, he leaves spaces in his absence.. and if he attends, he obscures the presence of the rest
  34. My day is only with you, and my time is not happy without you
  35. I love you to an indescribable limit
  36. Yasti Seb my hair, and respect my feelings.
  37. Someone who loves you can understand you by the tone of your voice, even if you pretend to be okay.
  38. Trust is better than love, it is not always your place to trust the one you love, but you will always love the one you trust.
  39. Every year you are drowning in my heart.. every year you are here.. you live in this vein.

Solid love posts for copies 2023:

  • You are happiness and contentment and the things that I adore
  • You are my family.. you are me
  • I chose you to be my prince
  • Black will not suit me unless you are next to me in white
  • The best thing about love is that it comes without an appointment
  • He is my love, he is my life, he is the adornment of my life, he is not like other people
  • Your very small details like your smile, for example, bring me happiness that can cheer up all my coming days
  • All of the above doesn’t mean anything.. it doesn’t matter to me that I love you and you alone
  • I did and I will do the impossible to keep your love.
  • Knowledge is power, love is a feeling, and your love in my heart is unparalleled.
  • Despite my quarrel with him, I love him to the point of madness.
  • You are the one who, may God compensate me with you, for all the pain I have experienced in my life.
  • When a man truly loves a woman, she becomes his weakness, and when a woman truly loves a man, he becomes her strength.
  • You are the daughter of my heart, the friend of my soul, the lover of my loneliness, the enemy of my depression, the partner of my life and the beat of my heart. I ask God to grant you a blessing in my life.
  • You are a dot at the end of the line, there is no word after you and no life without you.
  • You are a dot at the end of the line, there is no word after you and no life without you.
  • Your eyes tied my heart with love. And every time she remembered him, her spirit rose.
  • I loved you with a love that exceeded the size of my heart.
  • When you love someone you take out of his character without you feeling.
  • I watch you from afar, but I’m afraid to get closer.
  • There are people when laughter talks to them, it does not leave any doubt, joy leaves your heart, even after they are walking.
  • No matter how suffocating us and how far we are from each other, you will remain in my heart against you and me.
  • How I wish I could open my eyes and find you by my side for the rest of my life.
  • Lord, bring me closer to the day when my eyes are filled with tears of joy for that moment that I have been waiting for a long time
  • My decision to love you is like the decisions of the Court of Cassation.. it is final and is not subject to appeal and there is no exception!
  • Peace to those whom the heart loves in vain, without reasons
  • And some of you… it’s all
  • Time with the one you love is golden
  • Lord, only you know how much I love him, so bring us together with halal
  • And if you are sad.. your ticket.. and you smiled
  • And when they talk about blessings, I will suffice with you

Love posts written for copying:

  1. I hate people who try to get close to you
  2. No matter how many people I talk to and waste my time with, I always wait for a conversation from one person to meditate.
  3. I loved you with a love that exceeded the size of my heart
  4. Imagine that I am jealous of you from things that may never cross your mind!
  5. The love in my heart is only for you.
  6. Has anyone ever told you that you are happiness, I hope you will stay in my life.
  7. It’s my desire, it’s my world, it’s my choice
  8. I love the time when it’s all you
  9. And thank God for your love always and forever
  10. Every year and you are a coincidence that differs from the rest of the coincidences, oh blessing from the seventh sky
  11. Every year and you are a blessing, I pray that you will give me a lifetime
  12. And I love you and remain in my eyes like no other.
  13. I accept everything from you because you are my destiny and I am your destiny.
  14. Her closeness keeps me away from everything, her closeness is my sufficiency
  15. Amiri is a rare person and fortunately I had him
  16. If life is my wish, I wish you
  17. I believed that you were the most beautiful thing that happened to me in life
  18. I have a heart that swears to you that no one loved you as much as he loved you
  19. Between my ribs, a heart beating with your love, wishing for you, feeling you needing you the size of the sky and more
  20. All my wishes in the new year that God brings us together
  21. I believed that you were the most beautiful thing that happened to me in life.
  22. Between my ribs, a heart that beats with your love wishes you, feels your needs the size of the sky and more.
  23. Every year..and I’m on your heart
  24. Every year you are immersed in me.. every year you are here… you live in this vein

Love posts for the lover:

  • Every year and you are a source of joy to my soul
  • A year that I loved you madly will end, and a new year will begin in which I adore you even more
  • Perhaps our new year will bring us a coincidence that brings us together
  • And my wish in the New Year is to have a lifetime
  • You and I are a beautiful novel that deserves to be told to our children in the future
  • And when my child comes, he will take the beauty of his mother and the manhood of his father
  • Some people only see them make us happy
  • There is nothing for you like the whole universe, and I don’t see anyone but you
  • Because your presence dominates all things around me, and because happiness in your eyes is equivalent to the joy prevailing in this world! I just live with you
  • The elegance of my prince I am responsible for.
  • Those whom God unites cannot be separated by men.
  • As if you have my smile in your words
  • Long talk to me and fill me with happiness Every year and you live in my heart
  • Lord my heart and her heart, keep her for me and keep me for her
  • My love and all my friends you
  • And if they ask you what her happiness is, tell them I am her happiness
  • No matter how much I quarrel with her, he never said my love for her, but rather increased my attachment to her
  • This moment is all I wish for

Short love posts, the most beautiful romantic posts:

  • Even if I thought I stubborn you.. your laugh alone breaks my stubbornness.
  • I will shorten the four directions for you, so that you become all the ways.
  • Rest assured in your absence the rights of love are reserved.
  • And kiss your eyes that confused me from one beginning to the other.
  • All women are fleeting words..and you alone are a poem.
  • You are my coffee, my poetry and my evening song.
  • O brunette, your eyes are like the streets of Jerusalem, a thousand enemies wish to occupy it.
  • Your eyes closed my heart with love.
  • Your love runs in my blood, I hug you between my ribs and the sides of my heart.
  • And whenever she remembered her soul shone.
  • The beauty of my soul is you who resides in it.
  • And love is only to fear God in the one you love.
  • I will take care of you despite the distance between us.. in my prayers.. my prayers.. and between my letters and the folds of my memory.
  • She and I… She is the gentle light that disperses the darkness of darkness… I am the long shadow that accompanies her in all the alleys.
  • My Lord, I love him with a sincere intention.. and my sincerest affection for he fulfills my hope for me, O God, and grant it to me as a share.
  • They say the hearts fall in love with those who were present..and you forget that which is absent from the eyes..and I say how many of them are present that are not desired by them..and how many are absent from the eyes of a lover.
  • I loved you at the point that I forgot to keep a part of my heart for myself.
  • I love you because in you is everything that my soul desires..and it takes my mind from my head..and doubles the pulse in my heart..and draws love on my cheek.
  • Because I love you, madness has returned to haunt me.. and joy is burning in the extinguished continents of my soul..because I love you. Colors have returned to the world after it was black and gray.

Pictures of love posts for Facebook and Twitter 2023 for married and engaged couples:

Love posts to copy for the crush, love is a great thing, as we said, it must be expressed appropriately and without aversion or aversion, so we collected the best romantic pictures and wonderful love backgrounds, love posts to crush on beautiful pictures, choose what suits you, my dear, from these pictures.

Love posts for the lover 2023 In this article presented to you through the Zina Photo magazine, you will find the most powerful cocktail of solid love posts for girls and crushes, pictures with very beautiful words of love for the lover, in addition to love and love posts without pictures to copy and make the most beautiful posts, share now and do Download the best love and romance posts, we hope you all like it.

love posts pictures
Posts of love and romance for married couples and lovers

love posts
Love posts, beautiful romantic pictures
Pictures of love and romance 2020
Pictures of wonderful love posts

love posts pictures
Romantic Posts – Love Posts 2021

Pictures of love and romance 2020
Beautiful pictures for Facebook – Love posts for Facebook

Pictures of posts with words of love and romance written on it
Pictures of posts with words of love and romance written on it

Pictures of love posts for Facebook 2020

love posts pictures for facebook

Pictures of love and romantic posts
Pictures of love and romance

Pictures of love and romantic posts
Pictures of love and romantic posts

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The most beautiful posts and wonderful pictures
The most beautiful and written love posts and wonderful pictures

Posts of love and romantic pictures for Facebook and Twitter 2020
Posts of love and romantic pictures for Facebook and Twitter

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